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Tammy's Stained Glass Treasures

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stained glass, fused glass, classes, gifts, scranton, studio, parties

About Tammy's Stained Glass Treasures

Tamara (Tammy) Pilger started creating stained glass the same way she teaches her students...she took an "Introduction to Stained Glass" class and then took a "4-Week Beginning Stained Glass" class. She enjoyed these classes so much that she purchased all the supplies, tools, and equipment to make her own small pieces at home in her basement.  While producing these pieces and showing them to the people where she took her classes (Tingley Glass) she was offered a position to be mentored and to help with creating custom pieces. This, to Tammy, was a dream job! She worked there until the owner closed the store and was very grateful for all she had learned. With nowhere nearby to continue her glass passion, Tammy decided to start her own small business from her basement in 2013. She has created many custom orders for her customers, and was making many small pieces to sell at art shows in the local area. She also started teaching herself how to create fused glass. She then ventured into selling at a few local shops and started taking on some repair work for people in the area that could not find a stained glass repair person. In March of 2016 Tammy was offered a room in Art on Main in Pittston to start teaching classes. She built up a very good student following during this time and was starting to receive larger accounts for repairs. She started running out of space to teach all of her students so Tammy opened her own store front in Scranton, PA where she could have all of her glass endeavors under one roof and started her website to advertise more prominently. This was a wonderful beginning but she quickly realized that this store front was still not her perfect space. After only 2 months another store front right beside Tammy became available. It was a larger space and more open and had the  exact type of industrial "feel" that she had been looking for. She will be creating custom and personalized orders,  selling gift and home items, teaching more students the art of stained & fused glass, and offering group plans such as Team Building and Children's Birthday Parties. Fundraiser opportunities are also available.  Glass is her passion...she loves that her items make people smile and that her instruction gives people in the local area something new to do and a place to relax and meet others in a stress free environment.