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Tammy's Stained Glass Treasures

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Custom Orders

Need a keepsake box for a wedding? How about a stained glass cabinet door? Ever think of changing your sidelights? From small, personal gifts to larger home and/or business installations we personally work with you to create a piece that suits your needs and style as you will see in the pictures below.


When you need a stained glass repair you need to see us. Your piece will be repaired, cleaned and polished and will be handled with the utmost of care. We can rebuild that family loved heirloom so the next generation can have it to love for many years to come. Have a business with stained glass pieces you would like to salvage? We can help. Check out some of our work below.

Stained Glass Broken Panel Repair Pieces Scranto
Stained Glass Panel Repair Restore Fixed Scranton
Stained Glass Repairs Leaded Window Scranton
Stained Glass Repair Leaded Window Scranton
This piece was made by someone and never had a place to add a chain so it was leaned in a window. Vibration from walking through the house made this piece meet its demise with the floor. Having 19 broken pieces and a bent frame meant it had to be taken apart gently, new glass pieces and framing cut, and put back together to its original, beautiful state.
This leaded window is well over 100 years old and was in desperate need of some TLC. It had a broken top panel, cracks at most solder joints, lost all of its cement, and had rotten trim and peeling paint. The glass was removed from the frame and repaired, framing stripped and repainted, put back together with new trim & cement. Good for another 100 years!
Stained Glass Repair Lamps Broken Scranton
Stained Glass Tiffany Style Lamp Repair Scranton Small Business
This very old Tiffany style lamp met it's demise thanks to a cat. This shade was broken in several places. All spots were as bad as the one you see in the first photo.  Many pieces needed replaced but thankfully we were able to match the glass and when it was completed you could not tell it was ever broken.
This window on the left was found in a barn and it was one of a pair. The lead was completely brittle so these pieces were well over 100 years old. I was able to completely dismantle, clean the glass, cut new pieces to replace broken ones, and leaded them back together. These were actually modified slightly to fit into a set of doors when they were complete. The picture on the right is coming soon!

What our customers are saying

I recently had a custom Tiffany style lamp crafted by Tammy. Her work is beautiful and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend.

James H. - Customer - Facebook Review